Decision Making
Great athletes not only have great skills, but know when to use which skill.  


(Advanced) Skills
Every session we will incorporate skill drills to improve ball handling. It is the basics of the game that cannot be underestimated. 

Small Space Problem Solving

We challenge and coach our players to find solutions on the field, even in the toughest situations.

Game Play
Every practice will have some form of game play included. 

We take travel teams to local, regional and national tournament.

Training content:


Our mission is to educate and challenge local field hockey talent with the absolute best coaching possible.

About us


Warriors Field Hockey was founded with the purpose to help local players in further developing their field hockey skills and tactics.

Through excellent coaching, from experienced college coaches, we will help player develop new skills and perfect her existing skills.

We believe that with this philosophy, we set our players up with the best skills possible to both enjoy the game and also have a successful playing career.

Our Mission

Warriors Field Hockey CLub