Our practices will be at Zimbar Gym on East Stroudsburg University Campus.


U12, U14, U16, U19 indoor info:

Practices will be on Fridays between 6-8pm and Sundays 4-10pm, starting December 7, 2018. Full schedule is being worked on. Your practice times will not be the same every week.

This will result in:

  • 1.25-hr practices per team starting Friday Dec 7, 2018
  • 5 regular local tournaments (up to 1.5hr away) per team on weekends in December through February
  • One U14 team will be entered in the lottery for National Indoor Tournament, which is held from Thursday Feb 15 – Sunday Feb 18
  • Total cost  per U10 or U12 player is $575 (if paid in full before 10/31/18)

            Total cost  per U14, U16 or U19 player is $695 (if paid in full before 10/31/18)

  • This fee does not include:


            USA field hockey membership (please affiliate with “East Stroudsburg Warriors”)

            National Indoor Tournament fee (due upon qualification)

Registration & Payments:

All registration and payments are done online:
Registration: http://www.warriorsfieldhockeyclub.com/sign-up.html
Payments: http://www.warriorsfieldhockeyclub.com/payments.html

Indoor 2018/2019 Program.

Warriors Field Hockey CLub